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> HIPAA medical transcription
Brainstorm Transcription Services recognizes how crucial our professional obligations are regarding maintaining HIPAA regulations for our clients.  We are constantly updating our knowledge base, transcription systems, and infrastructure in order to safeguard your confidential health care information.
Secure Data Transfer
Your data is transferred using 128-bit SSL encryption. Data transfer is powered by reliable platforms of Verisign, Inc. and Hillgraeve, Inc., leading internet security service providers, so you can rest assured your data is transferred with a high level of protection.
Data Confidentiality
We enforce strict in-house IT security policies to ensure the confidentiality of client data.
  1. Each transcriptionist and support person on our staff is required to sign a Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements (CNDA) to guarantee client data privacy. 
  2. Transcription lab computers do not utilize any external drives (CD, DVD, USB, etc.). 
  3. Internet access for the transcription staff is limited to a few search engines solely for the purpose of searches pertaining to drug information, medical terms, and other pertinent information to ensure accuracy. 
  4. The downloading or uploading of any data or checking of emails under any circumstances is prohibited in our transcription lab, and our computers in the lab do not have access to printers.
Our computer network is protected by state of the art Cisco PIX firewalls, which safeguards our transcription computer network from hacking and virus threats.
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