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> How transcription works
Using our transcription services couldn't’t be simpler.  You need only a computer and an internet connection to work with us. Choose the option of either recording your dictations into our toll-free telephone dictation system or using your own digital recorder to record your dictations and send them to us. 
Recording and Sending Voice Files
Via Toll-Free Telephone
  1. Dial 1-866-625-6412 to call our toll-free dictation system.
  2. Enter your ID number followed by the pound (#) key. (Sign up for your one-week free trial now to get your ID number and pin code).
  3. After you hear the recording beep, mention your name and begin recording your dictation.
  4. Instructions for functions such as pause, rewind, launch a new dictation, etc. will be provided along with our free trial service confirmation.
  5. Simply hang up when dictations are completed.
Via Digital Recorder
  1. Record dictations into your own digital recorder for transcription.
  2. Transfer dictation files to your computer.
  3. Send your dictations through our secure and reliable network.
Receiving Transcribed Reports
Receive transcribed reports back to your PC using our simple yet safe to use 128-bit SSL secure web-based platform.  Normal delivery time for sending completed reports back to our U.S. clients is one business day.
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