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George S Tellam MD
“We are very satisfied with the service provided, the turn around time and especially the quickness in response! Thank you.”
Mahmood Alam, MD
“I have been using brainstorm transcription services for the last many years. I testify to the fact that this is an exceptionally great transcription service. I highly recommend it to the medical community in the US. Thanks.”
William Muuse, MD
“I have used your service for a number of years now and we have been very happy with the quality and timeliness of the dictations you have provided us.  I compliment you highly and thank you for the fine service you provide.”
Alfred Daniels, MD
“I use your service daily and I am very satisfied with Brainstorm Transcription. The turnaround is almost always within 24 hours and your rates are reasonable. The rare times that a series of transcriptions were late, you retrieved them immediately when I gave you the code # for that day's transcription. There are occasional typos and misinterpretations, but most corrections I make are editing my own remarks. There was one humorous typo that I would like to mention - one of my patients was going to work as a civilian contractor in Iraq - this was translated as 'I rack'. You should know better! Thanks again for your fine service.”
Saud Anwar, MD
“Our office has been using Brainstorm Transcription Services for the past 7 years now. Of all the clinicians working with us I found them to be efficient, reliable and with an excellent focus on quality. The letters and the communications reaching us within their fast turnaround time have allowed us to reach out to our referring physicians in an effective manner resulting in an improved quality of care of our patients. Because of their effectiveness, many of our referring physicians now have started using Brainstorm Transcription Services. If any one is looking for an excellent quality transcription service, I would recommend Brainstorm Medical Transcription Services without any reservation.”
Brian F. Griffin MD, FACEP, DAAPM 
“I am delighted with Brainstorm Transcription. Their turnaround time is so fast that I can get the letters back on the referring physician's desk within 48 hours of the original referral. They work well with the client and are flexible in the production and delivery of the end product from my dictation. Their pricing is very competitive. As my kids would say, ‘They rock.’ ”
Eric Yeager, MD 
“Brainstorm Transcription Services has provided an extremely valuable service to my clinic. Requirements of expedient report turnaround time and verified report accuracy have made management of my patients effortless in our multi-discipline practice. Customer support is also top-notch and any questions are answered quickly and concisely. Keep up the good work!” 
Carmel Pradel, D.M.D 
“Brainstorm: accurate transcription, timely turnaround, fair pricing, good customer service. Highly recommended.” 
Abdel-Fattah, MD
“I have been using Brainstorm transcription service for a long time. My files are usually very long and comprehensive. The transcriptionists are well trained. They handle my unusual terminology, foreign accent, and lengthy reports very well. The turn around time is very satisfactory and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend their service.” 
Jay Larson, MD
“Just love having dictations available by the next morning. Can have progress notes done before starting the next day with a clean slate.” 
Dave Frey, Administrator, Internal Medicine Associates, NY
“I am able to reduce transcription costs by more than 50%, speed and quality of the transcription are both greatly improved…”
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