Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription
Whether you are a Single Physician, a Group Practice or a Hospital, Brainstorm has it all to provide high class yet affordable medical transcription services to you. Here are the reasons:
  • With highly experienced and seasoned medical transcribers, proofreaders and quality auditors, we have in our credit, more then a decade of experience in medical transcription.
  • Our rates are as low as 6 cents per 65 character line and we further offer high volume and template discounts.
  • You have the flexibility and convenience to upload your dictations via Email, FTP or use our Toll Free Call in dictation System.
  • We can transcribe in almost all medical specialties.
In addition to medical reports we also provide transcription services in: Medical correspondence, expert witness statements, clinical notes, Q&A sessions, radiology reports, expert panel meetings, psychiatric evaluations, medico-legal reports, medical Interviews & lectures, drug making procedures, outpatient notes, in-patient summaries and working group meetings.

Transcription Services


Medical Transcription Services

EMR Transcription
BrainStorm Transcription Services is glad to announce acquiring a new capability that allows us to remotely enter doctors’ dictations directly in their EMR systems.

emr and medical transcription services

Our Transcription Services is well aware of its professional obligations towards HIPAA regulations. We continuously upgrade our knowledge base and transcription systems to comply with HIPAA.
Hipaa transcription services
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