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> Why outsource medical transcription
Numerous surveys have determined that hiring a professional medical transcription services company can reduce your costs for transcription by up to 40%. Although a transcription company can be taking more hourly wages than your in-house transcriptionist, they cut down your costs on office space and regular training of transcriptionists, as well as, provide you more value due to their experience and expertise. You not only cut down on costs, but getting services from a professional transcription company you are guaranteed quality and good turn around time.

If you have a Group Practice or you are running a hospital, there is a good chance that your in-house transcriptionist will have to deal with various dictation styles and different software that each doctor uses. For an in-experienced transcriptionist, it can cut down on productivity while experienced transcriptionists working at a good medical transcription services company have vast experience in coping with different accents and dictation styles as well as different software. Experienced transcriptionists are also experienced enough to identify dictation errors in crucial medical terms.

The biggest problem with maintaining in-house transcription is that when your transcriptionist goes on a vacation or any other unscheduled leave, there is a lag in productivity as either there is no transcription being done for a day or two or you will have to worry about finding temporary replacement. A professional medical transcription services company has transcriptionists at their disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also have transcriptionists at their backup to cope with the ups and downs in your requirements.

Medical transcription services companies keep their employees regularly updates with the changing HIPAA Compliance policies. But if you are keeping an in-house transcriptionist, you will have to constantly train your in-house transcriptionist and give him time off for attending seminars and taking other transcription related consultancies. This is time wasted as during this learning curve, your transcriptionist's productivity is far less than normal.

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